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Best Rangefinder Binoculars – Buyer’s Guide

Best Rangefinder BinocularsToday, many people who engage in hunting and target shooting rely on binos to improve their accuracy.

And these types of  binos come with special features like rangefinders that can measure the distance of your object or target in meters or yards.

And give you accurate measurements.

Rangefinder binos give you accurate readings/measurements of a target or object that is within certain yardage. And this feature is useful for binos users who are into hunting and long-range target shooting.

Being able to locate and have accurate aim on a target or object that is 914 meters or 1000 yards or more is exciting.

Standard rangefinder binos have a range of about  914 meters or 1000 yards or even less, others have a longer range, although they are pricier.

So the range distance is a key element of any rangefinder bino. In this review, we have created a list of the best rangefinder binoculars based on performance and price tag. There is also a buyer’s guide to help you make the best choice when buying rangefinder binos.

Top pick

Nikon 16212 LaserForce 10×42

There are many top-of-the-line rangefinder binos and we took some time to test some of them. What we discovered was that some were too expensive and the performance was disappointing. Others were affordable and delivered a terrific performance.

So the reason why Nikon Laser rangefinder bino is our top pick, because of its terrific performance. And here is what to expect with the Nikon rangefinder binos.

Nikon 16212 LaserForce 10x42

  • Coated Prisms
  • Multicoated Lenses
  • ED Glass Lenses
  • Aluminum Chassis
  • Rubberized Finish
  • Incline/Decline Technology
  • Plus/Minus 89 Degrees Shooting Angle
  • 1900 yards or 1737 Meters Range Distance
  • Weatherproof Body
  • Solid Design
  • Adjustable Eyecups

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We’ve tested 5 rangefinder binoculars and the winner is above!

Rangefinder Binoculars Comparison Chart


Nikon 16212 LaserForce 10x42

USCAMEL UW004-black Marine 10x50

Sig Sauer 5270-1296 10x42

Swarovski 70020 EL Range 10x42

Snypex 9842-LRF1800 New Knight 8x42


Nikon 16212 LaserForce 10x42

USCAMEL UW004-black Marine 10x50

Sig Sauer 5270-1296 10x42

Swarvoski 70020 EL Range 10x42

Snypex 9842-LRF1800 New Knight 8x42







Objective Lens Diameter

42 mm

50 mm

42 mm

42 mm

42 mm

Prism Type


BAK4 Porro



BK4 Roof

Field of View

320 feet/1000 yards

396 feet/1000 yards

320 feet/1000 yards

330 feet/1000 yards

367 feet/1000 yards

Angle of View





Eye Relief

15.5 mm

7.1 mm

18 mm

17.3 mm

16 mm

Exit Pupil Diameter

4.2 mm

5 mm

4.2 mm

4.2 mm

5 mm


30.9 oz

43.04 oz

31 oz

31.04 oz

39.3 oz

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5 Best Rangefinder Binoculars (as of June, 2023):

1. Nikon 16212 LaserForce 10×42 – Top Pick for $1000+ Range Rangefinder Binocular Review

Nikon 16212 LaserForce 10x42

  • Compact Roof Prism
  • Lead & Arsenic-Free ED Glass Elements
  • Fully Multi-Coated Optics
  • Class 1 Eye-Safe IR Laser
  • Laser Rangefinder
  • ID (Incline/Decline) Technology

Check Price on Amazon!

Nikon produces some of the most superior optics globally. From binoculars to rifle scopes, their products are immensely popular with bino users. So as you would expect, the Nikon 16212 LaserForce 10×42 rangefinder binos are designed using the latest optics technology.

The laserforce rangefinder uses extra-dispersion glass that concentrates the light and focuses it more effectively. This prevents or minimizes chromatic aberration.

Nikon 16212 LaserForce 10x42 rangefinder bino uses multicoated lenses

In combination with the glass, Nikon uses multicoated lenses that allow more light to enter the scope giving you the clearest and sharpest visuals.

The prisms are also coated to enhance image clarity and the 42mm objective allows you to monitor a moving target. So you don’t lose sight of your target even when it’s moving.

Nikon 16212 LaserForce 10x42 is designed to give you accurate measurements of a target that is 914meter or 1000 yards out

This rangefinder bino is designed to give you accurate measurements/readings of a target or object that is 914meter or 1000 yards out. With the laserforce, you can get a precise reading on an elk or deer at 914meters or 1100 yards and a rock or tree at 1280meters or 1400 yards.

Nikon 16212 LaserForce 10x42 Review, Pros and Cons

And when you focus on your target, the Nikon laserforce has a range mode that reads distances continuously for 8 seconds as you move the binos. After 8 seconds, to preserve the battery charge, the range mode automatically shuts off.

These 10x binos have an incline/decline feature for calculating or measuring horizontal distances. The horizontal distance you can get up to plus or minus 89 degrees shooting angle of your target.

Nikon 16212 LaserForce 10x42 bino has the ID (InclineDecline) Technology

So whether you are uphill or downhill, you can get an accurate reading on your target making it easy to get a kill shot.

Nikon 16212 LaserForce 10x42 Rangefinder Binocular

Via: @elevatedoutdoorsales

The laserforce has an aluminum chassis that is rubberized to give you years of use and protection from moisture and impact damage. The controls are easily accessible and easy to use.

Nikon 16212 LaserForce 10x42 rangefinder bino has the twist-up click-stop rubber eyecups

The rubber eyecups lock at different positions. So when you get the ideal eye relief. And you can lock the eyecups at that position.

Nikon 16212 LaserForce 10x42 Rangefinder Binocular

Via: @codyc0nner

Main Features

  • Compact Roof Prism
  • ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) Glass
  • Anti-Reflection Fully Multi-Coated Optics
  • Laser Rangefinder
  • Range: 10 to 1900 yd (41 to 1737m)
  • ID (Incline/Decline) Technology
  • Red OLED Display with 4-step intensity adjustment
  • Class 1 Eye-Safe Infrared Laser
  • Calculates & Displays Range in 0.8 sec
  • Automatic Shut-Off after 8 seconds of non-use
  • Large Knurled Center Focus Wheel & Right-Eye Dioptric Correction
  • Twist-Up Click-Stop Rubber Eyecups & Flip-Down Objective Lens Covers
  • Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Housing
  • Rubber Armored, Waterproof & Fogproof
  • Long Battery Life


  • Coated prisms to prevent color fringing
  • Multicoated lenses for sharp views
  • ED glass lenses to obviate color fringing
  • Aluminum body with rubberized coating for durability and longevity
  • incline/decline feature for horizontal distance measurements
  • Rangefinder that reads and shows distances for 8 seconds continuously as you locate an object
  • plus/minus 89 degrees shooting angle
  • 1900 yards or 1737 meters range distance
  • Purged with nitrogen and sealed with o-rings to protect them for fogging and water damage
  • Solid build and design that is light in weight
  • Flexible eyecups that you can adjust to get the proper eye relief


  • They are pricey
  • They don’t work well in low light

Nikon Laserforce 10×42 Rangefinder Binocular Review:

Nikon Laserforce Review:

2. USCAMEL UW004-black Marine 10×50 – Top Pick for Under $150 Rangefinder Binocular Review

USCAMEL UW004-black Marine 10x50

  • BAK4 Porro Prism
  • Fully Multi-Coated Optics
  • Built-in Compass
  • Internal Rangefinder
  • Night Vision Binoculars Illuminated

Check Price on Amazon!

The USCAMEL UW004-black Marine 10×50 binos are some of the least expensive rangefinder binos. And what’s great is that they come with an instruction manual, a neck strap, and a carrying case.

For a rangefinder bino that costs less than $200, you might presume that the performance and features of the marine are basic. But that is far from the case.

USCAMEL UW004-black Marine 10x50 binos

Via: @yuu_nishi

For one, the marine uses BaK-4 coated prisms and multicoated lenses that capture more light increasing the sharpness and clearness of your images and they help control color fringing.

USCAMEL UW004-black Marine 10x50 Review, Pros and Cons

And with the 50mm objective lens, you get a wide field of view to help you track your targets. For objects that at great distances, the 10x magnification can bring them closer without compromising the clarity or sharpness of the object.

USCAMEL Marine 10x50 Rangefinder Binocular has an inbuilt rangefinder

Via: @yuu_nishi

There is a built-in compass to help you navigate and an inbuilt rangefinder to give you accurate readings as far out as 914meters/1000 yards, but no longer than that. This is what you get with uncostly optics.

USCAMEL UW004-black Marine 10x50 Rangefinder Binocular has built-in compass and an inbuilt rangefinder

The one main problem with the marines is that unlike the more costly models, its overall range is not adequate for serious hunters or shooters. You won’t find the range mode feature on the marine because it doesn’t have one.

It only has a scan mode and that is all you get with these binos. But given that they are budget binos, you won’t get many or specialized features.

Its build has a strong and durable chassis with a rubber covering to give you a solid grasp. It is also purged with nitrogen and sealed with o-rings to make it fog and water-resistant.

Product details of USCAMEL UW004-black Marine 10x50 Rangefinder Binocular

Main Features

  • BAK4 Porro Prism
  • Fully Multi-Coated Optics
  • Green FMC Anti-Reflective Coating
  • ±5 Diopter Left & Right Diopter Ring
  • Night Vision Binoculars Illuminated
  • Built-in Compass & Internal Rangefinder
  • Range Calculator & Tripod Connector
  • Maximum Brightness of the image even in low light conditions
  • Nitrogen-Filled Waterproof, Fogproof & Anti-Shake Design
  • O-ring Sealed for Complete Waterproof Protection
  • Folding Eyepiece, Non-Skip Stripes, Bag & Strap


  • They use coated prisms to remove color fringing
  • Multicoated lenses to give you clean and clear visuals
  • They are water-resistant
  • They are fog proof
  • They have an inbuilt compass to help you navigate
  • They have a range distance of 914meters or 1000 yards
  • They have a large-sized objective lens for enhanced and clearer views
  • They have a field of view of 396 feet
  • They have a rubberized finish to give you a firm hold
  • The eyecups adjust easily to give you the ideal eye relief
  • They are ideal for birding, camping, hunting, archery, shooting, and other outdoor pursuits
  • They are affordable


  • The range distance is not adequate for serious target shooting or hunting

3. Sig Sauer 5270-1296 10×42 Rangefinder Binocular Review

Sig Sauer 5270-1296 10x42

  • Sends Ballistic Data to BDX Scope
  • Maximum Range: 5000 Yards
  • Long 18mm Eye Relief
  • Refreshes Four Times per Second
  • Free App for Ballistic Profiles

Check Price on Amazon!

If you have never heard of Sig Sauer, it is a German company that develops rifles, guns, ammunition, and electro-optics. The electro-optics the company produces include binos, spotting scopes, laser rangefinders, and others.

With that in mind, the Sig Sauer 5270-1296 10×42 is a laser rangefinder bino that costs a little over $1000. So not exactly what you would go for if you don’t want to spend that much. Nevertheless, do not let the hefty price tag deter you from owning these binos.

Sig Sauer 5270-1296 10x42 uses superior glass and coated lenses

And this is because the Sauer uses superior glass and coated lenses to give you crisp clear and high-resolution visuals.

Sig Sauer 5270-1296 10x42 Review, Pros and Cons

The integrated rangefinder gives you accurate readings of a target that is more than 914meters or 1000 yards away. You also have the option of setting the readings in meters or yards, whichever works for you.

Sig Sauer 5270-1296 10x42

Via: @chrisparkin431

You can also pair these binos with rifle scopes to enhance your accuracy and precision when target shooting or hunting.

It has a sturdy build that is rubberized to give you a nice firm hold on and to make it impact resistant. But like all other binos, if it drops from a high place, it may get damaged.

It is also fog and water-resistant and this is because it’s purged with nitrogen and sealed with O-rings. The only setback is the weight. These binos are heavy and carrying them around for long can get tedious.

Sig Sauer 5270-1296 10x42 is waterproof and fogproof

Via: @gheorghefrentiu

But overall, the Sauer 5270-1296 bino is a versatile and robust rangefinder that you can use for hunting, camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventures.

Main Features

  • Compact Roof Prism Design
  • SpectraCoat Broadband, Anti-Reflection Lens Coatings
  • Long 18mm Eye Relief
  • Rangefinder – Class 1M Laser
  • HyperScan Mode Refreshes Range 4 times per second
  • Full Ballistic Holdover & Windage Results in MRAD or MOA
  • Integrated Inclinometer
  • Ballistic Data Exchange
  • Free App for Ballistic Profiles
  • In-view OLED Display
  • Binocular-Style Eyecup & Dioptric Correction
  • Lightweight, Durable & Temperature-Resistant Magnesium Housing


  • Uses top quality glass lenses that deliver clear views
  • They are impervious to water and they don’t fog
  • The range distance is decent for hunters and target shooters
  • They are compatible with many scopes
  • They are durable and strong


  • They are costly

4. Swarovski 70020 EL Range 10×42 Review

Swarvoski 70020 EL Range 10x42

  • Compact Roof Prism
  • Fully Multi-Coated Optics
  • SWARO-AIM Ballistic Compensation
  • Single-Measurement
  • Continuous-Scan Modes
  • Legendary EL Wrap-Around Grip

Check Price on Amazon!

Most Swarovski products are expensive. And the Swarvoski 70020 EL Range 10×42 laser rangefinder binoculars is one of the most expensive rangefinder binos anywhere. But given what you can achieve with these binos, you cannot complain about the price.

Swarvoski has long been known to use leading-edge technology and superior materials to make their optics. And their 10×42 EL laser rangefinder bino is nothing but outstanding.

Swarvoski 70020 EL Range 10x42 has the ED glass and fully multicoated lenses

Swarvoski has used ED glass in these binos to ensure that you get sharp views with no chromatic aberration. They have combined this with fully multicoated lenses to improve the clarity of your visuals.

Swarovski 70020 EL Range 10x42 Review, Pros and Cons

And the 42mm objective makes it easy to monitor your targets even if they are moving. Plus you get a wide field of view and clearer visuals.

Swarvoski 70020 EL Range 10x42 has the 10x magnification and the 42mm objective

Via: @lars_martin0

The 10x magnification allows you to see objects that are far in detail. This is why these binos are great for hunting, golfing, target shooting, and hiking.

You would expect given the price tag that these binos have a powerful rangefinder bino. But they have a maximum range distance of 1500 yards. You can find rangefinder binos that cost a lot less with a longer range distance.

Also, the binos don’t have a range mode feature. It can provide you with angle and distance readings, but you have to do the calculations yourself.

While having a range mode has its advantages, Swarvoski focused on developing a simple and easy to use rangefinder binos.

Swarvoski 70020 EL Range 10x42 is easy to use

Via: @hntrdwnundr

The 10×42 rangefinder bino is easy to use. It looks nice and it has a solid build that is rubberized to give you a solid grasp. All in all, the Swarvoski 10×42 EL binos are great for target shooting and other outdoor adventures.

Main Features

  • Compact Roof Prism
  • SWARO-BRIGHT Fully Multi-Coated Optics
  • Laser Rangefinder – Class 1 EN/FDA IR Laser
  • In-View LCD Display & Built-in Inclinometer
  • Measuring Range: 33-1500yd, ±1 yd
  • Single-Measurement & Continuous-Scan Modes
  • SWARO-AIM Ballistic Compensation
  • Five Brightness Levels; Automatic or Manual Adjustment
  • One-Button Design
  • Open-Bridge/Dual-Hinge Configuration
  • Large Knurled Center Focus Wheel
  • Dual Locking -7/+5 Dioptric Correction Rings
  • Electronic Dioptric Compensation Adjustment Mode
  • 4-Position Twist-Up Click-Stop Rubber Eyecups
  • Lightweight & Durable Magnesium Alloy Housing
  • Legendary EL Wrap-Around Grip
  • Nitrogen Filled, Fogproof & Submersible to 13′


  • Supreme glass lenses or clear viewing
  • Multicoated lenses for high-resolution and image sharpness any time of day
  • Water-resistant
  • Fog proof
  • 1500 yards range distance
  • Strong and durable chassis with a rubber coating to give you a
  • 42mm objective lens
  • 10x magnification


  • Highly-priced
  • Disappointing range distance


5. Snypex 9842-LRF1800 New Knight 8×42 Review

Snypex 9842-LRF1800 New Knight 8x42

  • Phase-Corrected BAK4 Roof Prisms
  • Fully Multi-Coated Optics
  • Rain Mode & Reflective Mode
  • Extremely Bright in all Environments

Check Price on Amazon!

Snypex 9842-LRF1800 New Knight 8×42 costs slightly less than other similar top models. But its overall performance and body quality are worth talking about.

The 9842-LRF1800 like many quality rangefinder binos utilizes BaK-4 coated prisms and HD glass-coated lenses to deliver views in great clarity even in low light situations.

Snypex 9842-LRF1800 New Knight 8x42 has HD glass-coated lenses

Via: @snypexoptics

You can use them in any weather condition and you still get the same great performance.

The Knight has a 1645meters or 1800 yards range distance. This is longer than what many premium models offer. And it also gives you the option to get horizontal distances up to 90 degrees.

It has a range mode feature that you don’t find in some models. And you can use the modes to improve your accuracy when the weather is not favorable or track a moving target.

Snypex 9842-LRF1800 New Knight 8x42 Review, Pros and Cons

New Knight has made sure that its product is tough enough to withstand harsh environments. And this is why they have used an aluminum body which is strong and lasting material.

Snypex 9842-LRF1800 New Knight 8x42 has an aluminum body

Via: @snypexoptics

Not only that, the body is rubberized to give you a solid hold and protect the inner mechanisms from shock damage.

Main Features

  • Phase-Corrected BAK4 Roof Prisms
  • Fully Multi-Coated Optics
  • Laser Rangefinder, Range: 16.4′ to 1.12 miles
  • Eye-Safe Laser
  • Rain Mode, Reflective Mode, and >150M Mode
  • Center Focusing Wheel & Diopter Adjustment
  • Twist-Up Eyecups
  • Magnesium/Aluminum Alloy Chassis
  • Closed-Bridge Configuration
  • O-ring Sealed Waterproof & Fogproof
  • Shock-Resistant Construction
  • Slip-Resistant Rubber Armoring
  • Quality Neck Strap, Lens Cap & Soft Case


  • Coated lenses and prisms for clear views at all ranges
  • Aluminum chassis sealed with a rubber coating for strength and longevity
  • Range distance of 1645meters or 1800 yards
  • HD glass lens to reduce aberrations or color fringing
  • Fog proof
  • Waterproof
  • Shock resistance
  • Range modes to track moving objects
  • Ideal for golfing, target shooting and other outdoor endeavors


  • Some users may find them expensive

SNYPEX Tactical Laser Rangefinder Binocular 8×42 in action:

Buyer’s Guide

Rangefinder binos have certain advantages that standard binos don’t. This is why they cost more. If you are a target shooter or hunter having rangefinder binos that can get the job done with little hustle is worth the investment, no matter how much they cost.

But finding the quality rangefinder binos is not that easy. You must do your research before purchasing one. In light of this, if do not know where to start, read on. This guide offers information on how to go about picking quality rangefinder binos.

Rangefinder Range

This feature is what sets rangefinder binos apart. A rangefinder bino that offers a longer yard range is preferable that one that doesn’t.

But when deciding what range you would like, keep in mind that this depends on why you want a rangefinder binos in the first place.

Do you want it for target shooting, hunting or something else? For target shooting or hunting, a typical 1000-yard rangefinder bino can give you a precise aim on a deer or coyote that is 400 yards away.

Snypex 9842-LRF1800 New Knight binos are ideal for target shooting

Via: @snypexoptics

Bear in mind that there are rangefinder binos that give you longer ranges. And such binos are ideal for target shooting.

That said, rain, fog, and other harsh conditions can affect the way the rangefinder works, which is a common problem with many rangefinder binos.

The Numbers

With rangefinder binos magnification is essential. A rangefinder bino with 8x magnification magnifies a target 8 times. So if your target is about 300 yards away, with 8x bino you can have a clear view of it.

But if the target is 914meters or 1000 yards away, you need a rangefinder bino with more power to view your target.

So although an 8x bino can give you clear views of a target that is 300 yards, with a 12x bino, you can get a clear view of a mark that is 914meters/1000 yards away.

Snypex 9842-LRF1800 New Knight with 8x magnification

Via: @snypexoptics

So when considering magnification, it all depends on what you want to do with your rangefinder bino.

The objective lens is also important. What you’ll discover, if you haven’t already, is that binos with large objective lenses deliver clearer views than those with smaller lenses. But a bino that has a large objective lens is also larger and heavier.

Having said that, if you want rangefinder binos for long-range hunting or shooting, aim for a bino with a 10x or 12x magnification. An 8x bino is also good for hunting, but if the target is more than a 914meters/1000 yards away, it might not be visible.

Best rangefinder binos for long-range hunting or shooting

Lens Coating

Not giving any thought about lens coating when deciding on what rangefinder binos to buy can be a costly mistake.

Binos are rated on how well their optics perform in the field under different weather and lighting conditions. And it’s for this reason, optic producers ensure that the prisms and lenses they use on their binos are coated.

Most rangefinder binos use multicoated lenses to capture more light delivering clear views. They also use coated prisms to reduce color fringing giving you sharp.

Eye Relief

If you are not familiar with what eye relief is, it’s the distance between your eyes and the eyepieces of the bino.

Most hunters prefer rangefinder binos with long eye relief

Via: @justinsmith1754

Most hunters prefer binos with long eye relief because you can move your binos quickly without having to align your eyes. This way you can focus quickly on your target, even if it’s on the move and get a range quickly.


You have two options when selecting rangefinder binos: Porro prisms or Roof prisms.

Porro prism binos don’t have the advanced features and compact design the roof prism binos have. But they compensate this by delivering sharper images than the roof prisms. They are also less expensive.

The problem with porro prisms is the size and weight. They are much larger and heavier than roof prisms.

So before you purchase a rangefinder bino, consider the type of prism you want. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Which you go with depends on your activity.


Binos that are not waterproof or fog proof offer fewer benefits than those that do. You want to be able to go out hunting with your rangefinder bino in any weather conditions.

USCAMEL Marine 10x50 Rangefinder Binocular is fog and water-resistant

Via: @erasmies87

And what’s great about most standard rangefinder binos is that they are purged with nitrogen and sealed with O-rings to prevent them from fogging. Or to protect them from water damage. So check if the binos are weatherproof before getting a pair.


Most binos either have a magnesium or aluminum chassis. Both of which are strong and long-lasting, and lightweight. And the chassis has a rubber armoring to give you a solid grasp.

Best Rangefinder Binoculars have a rubber armoring

We recommend you go for binos with a rubber armoring that has a rugged texture than a smooth one. The reason is that the former gives you a more firm grip than the latter. And it does not reflect light alerting your target.


There are some rangefinder binos that cost thousands of bucks and there are some that cost a few hundred bucks. Depending on the cost, ask yourself if you are getting value for your money.

Truth is, expensive rangefinder binos offer extra features than the cheap ones. But depending on what you want to do with the binos, you may find that you don’t need some of the features.

But it’s not the extra features than can increase the cost of a bino alone. The optical quality and body design also raise this cost. So whichever model and brand you choose to go with depends on what you can afford.


As a hunter or shooter, owning rangefinder binos can give you a great advantage when you are out in the field. They can help you improve your accuracy whether you are hunting, shooting targets or golfing.

Although ranging binoculars cost more than your typical rangefinder binoculars, they are more powerful and versatile.

Best Rangefinder Binoculars

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