Vortex Vulture HD 10×56 Review

Vortex Vulture HD 10x56Vortex Vulture HD 10×56 is the second best model in the series.

This one is for long-distance viewing, suitable for shooters and hunters.

One of its prominent features is the ability to see at quite a distance both during daytime with sufficient lighting and at dusk/dawn.

The binoculars feature 56 mm objective lenses that magnify the image 10 times. The item picks objects very well and enhances image quality due to multi-coat on the lenses.

The whole Vulture HD series provides premium performance in low-light and extreme weather conditions. The models are suitable for long- to short-range applications, depending on your goal and the binoculars you choose.

The innovative, advanced coating helps avoid stains and scratches and provides excellent light transmission.

This particular model is good for:

You get lots of necessary accessories in the package, as well as a lifetime VIP warranty.

Vortex Vulture HD 10×56 Review: Major Features

There are lots of features to talk about, but here are some of the major ones:

  • Waterproof and fog-proof design for clear images in any season and weather;
  • Sturdy construction, suitable for use in extreme weather conditions;
  • The item will handle rapid temperature change;
  • It offers a wide-angle view range;
  • Multiple lens coatings provide a great light transmission.

In the next sections, you can find a more detailed feature description according to the optical performance, use, etc.

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Features That Define Optical Performance

Some of the features improving optical performance:

  • The apparent field of view (AFOV) is quite wide – 61°. See the large picture and find your object/subject faster;
  • The XR lens coating helps avoid light loss and improve its transmission from the lens to your eyes. Usually, some of the light is reflected and doesn’t reach you, not providing a full picture. An anti-reflective multicoat is on all the surfaces where the air touches the glass on this item;
  • The phase-corrected roof helps enhance contrast, colors, and provide a higher resolution;
  • The HD (High Density) glass with extra-low dispersion.

Vortex Vulture HD 10x56

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Construction Features

Here’s what makes the construction good:

  • Most parts are rubberized for easy handling and protection;
  • The binos are sealed to provide excellent water-, fog-, and dust-resistance;
  • The scratch-resistant AmorTek coating for the outside part of the lenses provides amazing protection from salts, oils, and abrasion;
  • The binos are very compact and easy to carry. Their height is 16.76 cm, and the width is 14.73 cm;
  • The item weighs 1111 g, so you may need a tripod if planning to use it for a long time.

Vortex Vulture HD 10x56

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Features for Use and Handling

Features and accessories that will help you use and handle the item conveniently:

  • A rubber cover improves water-resistance of the construction and provides a non-slip grip;
  • A focus knob in the center of the item is very responsive and fast;
  • Rubber eyecups can be adjusted for comfortable viewing with sunglasses or regular glasses;
  • A center diopter adjustment is available for the best focus correction and clearest picture;
  • A screw on the bottom can be attached to a tripod for hands-free use.

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This model provides some of the best functionality for use in various conditions and various needs.

What’s in the Box?

Along with a pair of binoculars, you get:

  • Rain guards for extra water protection;
  • A nylon case for storage; provides extra protection from environmental and mechanical damage;
  • A neoprene strap with soft padding inside for easy handling;
  • Tethered covers for extra protection of the objective lenses.

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Remember that you also get a VIP Warranty. This is an unconditional, unlimited lifetime warranty. Contact the manufacturer to find out more about the up-to-date conditions and policies.

Vortex Vulture HD 10×56 Pros and Cons

For a fast decision, here are the advantages and disadvantages of the model in brief.

Wide view angle
Compact construction
10x zoom
Hands-free use
Glasses/no glasses use
Daylight dusk and dawn view
Image resolution enhancement
Focus correction
VIP lifetime warranty
Full accessory set in the package
You’ll most definitely need a tripod because the item weighs over 1 kg
The line between “in focus” and “out of focus” is very thin
Check Price:

You can find out more information by reading customer reviews online, as well as contacting the manufacturer to avoid misunderstanding.

To Sum Up

As the name suggests, these binoculars offer perfect vision at a long distance. The lenses are waterproof and fog proof; you get 10x zoom and great image enhancement.

Easy-to-use in daytime and dusk/dawn, the item also has a central diopter and focus wheel, as well as a screw for a tripod.

This item is great for use in any weather and season. Both the construction and the lenses have enough protection to resist dust and water. Most buyers report great value for the money, almost reinforced, and will serve you well for years!

Vortex Vulture HD 10x56 Review

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