How to Fix Binoculars with Double Vision

How to Fix Binoculars with Double VisionIf you are a traveler, romantic, hunter, nature-lover, soccer fan, or just a person who occasionally likes to look at this world from a different perspective, you will definitely have such an essential component of your activity as a pair of good-quality binoculars.

But, sometimes, bad things happen, and even the best ‘second pair of eyes’ needs fixing.

So, each owner must know how to fix his binoculars.

What Should You Know?

One of the most popular troubles that happen to binoculars is a double vision.

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Double vision is an incorrect image, frequently looking like a disproportion between images, which both lenses produce (images are not lined up, amount of objects (2 instead of 1), skewed horizon, etc.).

The cause of double vision is deeply rooted in several facts:

  1. The price of binocs. The hard truth is that the owners of something cheaper more often have a deal with double vision in comparison to those who had a chance to buy more expensive models of binoculars. Therefore, try to choose the equipment among the responsible manufacturers, who always use high-quality spare parts during the production of different types of equipment.
  2. Incorrect equipment handling. This fact plays a vital role in causing the double vision problem. If the binocular is subjected to a fall or getting wet, there are a lot of chances for you to face this technical fault. Try to be careful with your binoculars and always hide it in a special case. There are plenty of different cases to choose from: made of leather, wood, synthetic materials.
  3. Your attempts to fix your equipment, not for the first time. It is a key element among these three facts. If you ever tried to fix it by yourself, don’t be surprised to see an incorrect image through your binocs one day.

If binoculars are out of collimation, the result will be poor image quality or, for instance, double images

Some Useful Tips Before Fixing

Let’s gain insight before fixing the binoculars on your own.

First of all, check your warranty issued at a purchase. It would be better to take the binoculars to the maker’s service center. But, if you have no choice or just want to fix it by yourself, then continue reading.

Secondly, you are to understand if the problem is with lenses or with prisms of the equipment. It is extremely important, actually, because the ways of solving the trouble vary considerably.

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People advise to start with fixing the lenses, then try to fix prisms if needed. On the other hand, you should remember that lenses are thin and easy to damage. In any case, be accurate and patient.

What Do You Need?

  • Sheet of paper
  • Screwdriver set
  • Marker (black or red)
  • The tripod (preferably)
  • The (hot) glue or rubber
  • Patient and good mood.

How to Fix Binoculars with Double Vision

Let’s Start Fixing

  1. Draw the target. The easiest way is to draw a “Plus” (+) with a black or red marker on the paper and hang it on the tree. You can “draw” it in your mind in case you have a good imagination and know your way around the place.
  2. Step behind, look through the binoculars to focus on the center of big + and be sure which of the lenses gives the incorrect image. In this case, you will see an image of +, which isn’t lined up. One of the lenses will show you the line, which is lower or higher than another one, according to the target.
  3. It would be better to do all these things using the tripod. The tripod can help you fix the binocular in the right position that will reduce merging for error.
  4. The next step is to loosen the lens screw using the screwdriver. Do it as slowly as you can to avoid damaging the lens.
  5. Remove the lens and make it clean with a wet and then with a dry reg. Put the lens back and spin the screw. Remember to not adjust the screw too fast because the lens can break.
  6. Check the result by looking at the picture of + again. If there are no jagged lines, you win. If not, read the next steps.

Prisms are Coming

The idea of fixing the prisms of binoculars seems plausible. But, to face the truth, this process is dangerous for your binoculars and your nerves. It costs a lot of patience and accuracy.

By the way, if you cope with it, you will definitely get rid of the trouble of double vision. Let’s go:

  1. Look at your binoculars and find the screws connected to the prisms. The screws are often protected by rubber or plastic layers. Makers do their best to protect the binoculars against water, screws falling out, accidental hit. You can meet the need to remove this layer and try to loosen up the screw a bit.

The screws of the binocular are often protected by rubber or plastic layers

  1. Do not touch the front screws that hold the lenses in order to avoid its damage. Work only with those that are attached to the prisms.
  2. The fundamental principle of these steps is to be slow as a snail, adjusting and loosening up the screws. Adjust it or loosen it up a bit and look through your binocs if there is any result. Especially, pay attention to adjusting, as there is a high risk of damaging the prisms of the binocular.

The fundamental principle of these steps is to be slow as a snail, adjusting and loosening up the screws

  1. Take a break after each adjustment. The way our eyesight works is to quickly become accustomed to the image. Therefore, you have to let your eyes have a break in order to see the problem clearly. Do not be in a hurry, and you will definitely cope with it.
  2. You keep up this work until you see the result – perfect clear image of your target. Try to look through the binoculars with different eyes in turn. It can help you notice how the lightning influences the final image we see. As well, only in such a way you can overlook all the problems and try to fix your binoculars in the right way.

Don’t Forget About the Glue

Truly say, you have done a good job. But do not forget the important thing is to protect all the screws you work with.

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You can coat these screws with the hot glue, or just use the rubber. Anyway, do not leave them uncovered to avoid damage to the binoculars in the future.

To Conclude

The double vision can ambush you and become really huge trouble, especially if you are a hunter. The double vision of binoculars is a fairly common problem, and every owner needs to know how to solve it.

Without any doubt, we strongly recommend contacting the maker’s service if you have the warranty.

But if you have not such an opportunity, please use our instruction on how to fix binoculars with double vision. We hope you may never need this instruction, but if you do, we hope it will be useful and helpful in solving some problems with your equipment.

How to Fix Binoculars with Double Vision

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