Canon 10×30 II Review: Everything You Should Know About the Binocular

Canon 10x30 IS IIToday people prefer big screens to small ones because they adore watching videos and movies and notice all details, and enjoy rich colors.

A high-quality binocular gives the same opportunity for those who like to watch live performances, sports, games, or just take delight in daily scenery.

Canon 9525B002 10×30 IS II is a perfect choice for these activities.

It is good for:

  1. Watching favorite sports and games
  2. Enjoying the beauty of parks, streets, and squares
  3. Seeing all details of performances in theatres, whale watching in oceanariums, and live concerts at daytime
  4. Watching over the animals in the process of hunting
  5. Long-distance viewing and peeping

Canon 10×30 II helps trace the ball and become a football expert who sees the mistakes and successes of each player.

If you decide to participate in Alaska Cruise, it will be great to get inspired by having a close look at its wild animals and nature without penetration and disturbance.

Ornithologists can do their birding, and deer hunters can make an exact shot together with Canon 10×30 II.

Canon 10x30 IS II

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Canon is an expert in powerful binoculars. It has produced a range of binoculars that differ in characteristics and prices. Consequently, you need to be aware of the details of the model you are going to buy.

Brief Review of Canon 10×30 II

A manual description includes information about technical specs, so it is better to avoid them and mention the most important peculiarities of this model.

This review contains the pros and cons of Canon 10×30 based on customers’ and professionals’ opinions. Due to that, you get 100% reliable and trustable data.


The binocular has a high magnification and a function of image stabilization. Due to that, the clarity is top-level, and it is not a problem to see well an object in the motion.

Canon 10x30 IS II

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Even if your hands are trembling, the stabilizer will let you observe the object distinctly.

The binocular also has high-quality lenses that have a Super Spectra coating. This is an advantage for people who use the device in sunny weather and hate unnatural colors, surface reflection, and blurred images.


Canon 10×30 II allows users to ‘become’ 10 times closer to the object. Moreover, the above-mentioned stabilizer focuses the image, making it steady and clear.

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It consumes little energy and can provide a stable image even in a frosty environment for more than 1 hour.


In the manual instruction, you can find 127x150x70. It means that it is not big, so it is portable and comfortable to use. It is compact and comparatively easy (an average one weighs 1 kilo).

Depending on the battery type, its weight varies from 632 to 660 grams. Besides, it is a good choice for those who wear glasses thanks to 14.5 eye relief optical construction.


A person enables it with the help of the button located between the lenses. One needs to press and hold it during the stabilization. It is not comfortable, though.

Effect of IS in Canon Image Stabilizer Binoculars

On the other hand, one will not forget to switch it off and prevent the waste of the energy of the batteries.

Storage and Portability

Compared to other models, Canon 10×30 II needs extra care. It is predetermined by the necessity for charging. It does not mean that the device is fragile.

Canon 10x30 IS II

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It means that batteries and stabilizer demand proper storage with low humidity and proper temperature. Moreover, it is better not to place the binocular on the bottom of the backpack or a bag or carry it without the cover.

In case you want to spend the whole day outside, you will have to take 2 extra batteries AA type to make the stabilizer work properly. Powerless batteries will disable it automatically.

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One should remember that batteries work approximately 9 hours at +25 ℃ and only 1 hour and less or little more at -10 ℃ (everything depends on the quality of batteries and their capacity).

Is It Easy to Adjust?

The focus option is simple. Nevertheless, reviews of users blame lenses because of their big size. It is not comfortable to look through them for a long period.

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Another disadvantage is the constant pressing of the stabilizer button. It brings discomfort to the application.

The construction allows both left-handed and right-handed users to enjoy easy adjustment and use. One should not use it in places with high humidity and dust because the binocular is not equipped with all-weather and waterproof options.

Drawing Conclusions

Regarding feedback of customers on Amazon, Canon 10×30 II can be rated 7/10 compared to other alike binoculars.

It perfectly fits birding, watching sports, games, surveillance, city viewing, and having great observation of long-distance objects. One can enjoy its benefits when traveling, but it is important to carry extra batteries.

Canon 10x30 IS II

Its indisputable advantage is its weight and a stabilizer that lets you see even a bird’s swallowing and licking, but colors are not as vivid as promised.

With a lapse of time, a rubber cover becomes sticky like goo. Consequently, a person has to take care of this model and use it only with dry hands and store it in a dry, clean, and not very hot environment.

To conclude customers’ reviews, Canon 10×30 IS II has a number of advantages and disadvantages.

It is light (only 600 grams without batteries)
It fixes and stabilizes objects in case of vibrations and shakes
It zooms objects x 10 times
Its stabilizer works long and even in cold and frosty weather
It is user-friendly
It is covered with rubber that prevents slippering
It is stylish
It doesn’t have “Waterproof” and “All Weather” labels
Its stabilizer needs charging
It functions poorly in the gloomy and dark environment
It can break after falling
It is costly
Its rubber coverage becomes sticky
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So, Canon 10×30 II suits people who adore long-time stabilized and distinct pictures and prefer light and portable binoculars.

Canon 10x30 II Review

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