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Best Turkey Calls – Buyer’s Guide

Best Turkey CallsTurkey hunting is an exhilarating activity but not an easy one.

If you go out into the wild with the aim of catching yourself a plump gobbler, you need more than your rifle or crossbow.

You need a decoy. And that decoy is a turkey call.

Turkey calls are helpful when you are hunting for turkey in large wooded areas.

In fact, they are the most efficient way to hunt turkey. They are designed to mimic varying turkey sounds and the aim is to get that gobbler to come to you.

They vary in design and it’s the number reeds in the call that makes all the difference.

Standard turkey calls have 2 reeds and produce a limited number of turkey sounds. Calls with more reeds produce many varying sounds, but they are harder to master.

So when shopping for a turkey call, get one that has two reeds if you are a novice. It is easier to use and you won’t need much practice to master the sounds.

There are many types of turkey calls and choosing one that works for you can be quite a task.

So we have reduced the workload for you by outlining and reviewing some of the best turkey calls based on a number of categories including cost and hunting expertise.

TOP PICK — Primos Hunting 259
The Primos magnetic box call is easy to use and produces incredibly realistic gobbler sounds. It is the perfect choice for beginners.
Most Innovative Design
Realistic Turkey Sounds
Magnetic Lid
Patented Magnetic Hinge Design
Strong Rare-Earth Magnet
Detachable Paddle
Not Ideal for Left-Handed People
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Turkey Calls Comparison Chart

10 Best Turkey Calls (as of August, 2020):

1. Primos Hunting 259 – Best Budget Box Turkey Call Review

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Turkey calls vary in price. Some are more affordable than others. So if price is at the top of your priority list when shopping for a turkey call, consider getting the Primos Hunting 259 magnetic box call. It is easy to use.

So if you are a beginner this would be an ideal choice. It produces incredibly realistic gobbler sounds and this because of the magnetic design.

The Primos turkey call has a magnetic hinge design to help produce realistic purrs, yelps, and cuts.

Not much expertise is needed to produce the sounds. The box has a lid that is attached to the box using a magnet. So you can easily attach and detach it.

Primos Hunting 259 Review, Pros and Cons

And to product sounds, you just need to move the lid against the box or tap on it to produce sounds. The sounds are high-pitched and sound pretty much like real turkey sounds.

Primos Hunting 259

Via: @dezi_minnesota

A key problem with this turkey call is that if you are left-handed you might find it a challenge to use. So in such cases, we recommend trying a different type of call.

Main Features

  • Most Innovative Design
  • Magnetic Lid Automatically Applies Correct Pressure
  • Patented Magnetic Hinge Design
  • Realistic Cuts, Purrs & Yelps
  • Includes Gobble Band for Realistic Gobbles
  • Super Strong, Rare-Earth Magnet Holds Paddle Perfectly In Place
  • Awesome Gobbles With Included Gobble Strap
  • Removable Paddle For Quiet Carry
  • No Need for Tuning or Adjustment
Produces realistic turkey sounds
Easy to use
Magnetic hinge design to help produce natural yelps purrs and cuts
Considerably affordable
Strong and durable
Some users have complained that turkey response to the call is almost nil
Not ideal for left-handed people
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2. Primos Hunting PS1252 – Best Mouth Turkey Call For Beginners Review

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The Primos Hunting PS1252 hook mouth call is one of the best turkey calls for beginners. It is extremely easy to use because it is made of premium reeds that are hand cut with great precision to produce natural key sounds.

And the way it is designed, you don’t need a lot of practice to know how to produce varying turkey sounds. You can control the pitch with ease to produce realistic purr and kee-kee sounds.

Primos Hunting PS1252 Review, Pros and Cons

The Prinos comes with two cuts, each of which produces different turkey sounds. They are comfortable and fit almost any mouth size.

But one thing you shouldn’t do is place them in a place where young kids can reach them. If a child puts the call in their mouth, they may choke. So put them in place kids cannot reach them.

Main Features

  • Hook Hunter 2″ with Ghost Cut
  • Sharp Hook with Spike Cut
  • Uses Little Air & Great for Kee Kee & Purrs
  • Premium Gauge Reeds & Precision Hand Made Cuts
  • Custom Designed by the Pros at Primos
  • Real & Unique Pitches
  • Easy to Use
  • Includes Pin Box

Primos hook hunter ghost cut mouth call:

Primos hook hunter ghost cut mouth call


Hand-cut reeds to help produce realistic yelps and cuts
Precision-made to produce realistic kee-kee and purr sounds
Easy to use
Ideal for beginners
Comfortable and fits most mouth sizes
Little air is needed to produce sounds
Some beginners have complained that is hard to use
The tape does not last long
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3. FOXPRO Turkey Pro – Best Electronic Game Call For Turkey Hunting Review

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If mouth turkey calls are not your thing, and you prefer electronic turkey calls, consider getting the Foxpro Turkey Pro electronic call. It is one of the best turkey calls out there based on user feedback and ratings.

It features an LED display, Mylar cone speaker and housing straps. It has an auxiliary port in case you want to add another speaker. And there is also a charging port to charge the batteries.

It comes with 16 pre-installed turkey sounds, and you can download up to 300 sounds, which is quite impressive.

You can download the sounds from Foxpro’s official website or any other site of your choice. It also comes with pre-installed predator sounds.

The call comes with a remote control. So you don’t have to have the call on you during the hunt. You can strap it to a tree near or behind you and change the sounds using the remote control to get that gobbler close enough for an accurate shot.

FOXPRO Turkey Pro Review, Pros and Cons

But you cannot be more than 100 yards from the device if the remote control is to work. Other than that, it is a durable and robust device that can make your turkey hunting adventure easy and fun.

Main Features

  • Full-Function Remote
  • LED Display
  • 16 Pre-Installed Turkey Sounds
  • 19 Predator Sounds
  • Capacity of up to 300 Turkey Sounds
  • Realistic Turkey Sounds
  • Rugged Housing Straps
  • Single, High-Efficiency, Mylar Cone Speaker
  • USB Port to Reprogram Sounds
  • Easy to Use
  • Operates on 8 ‘AA’ Batteries
Comes with 16 pre-installed turkey sounds and predator sounds
Comes with an LED display screen speaker and straps
Remote control to change sounds
Capacity of up to 300 turkey sounds
Produces realistic turkey sounds
Easy to use
Ideal for both beginners and experts
It is expensive
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4. Primos Hunting 272 – Best Turkey Call Starter Pack for Beginners Review

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The Primos Hunting 272 turkey call starter pack is great for beginners. It comes with three different calls: a box call and two mouth calls.

Primos Hunting 272 Review, Pros and Cons

Each call has a different design and produces different sounds. The great thing about the different calls is that you can use all of them during a hunt by interchanging them.

You could use the box call to attract the gobbler to your direction if it’s far away. And the mouth calls to draw it closer to where you for an accurate shot.

This is why this starter value pack is great for beginners because not only does it come with a good choice of calls, it is also extremely affordable.

Main Features

  • Double Sided Box Call
  • Sonic Dome Mouth Call
  • Sonic Dome Slate Call
  • Slim Striker
  • Great for Beginners & Advanced Hunters
  • Storage Case

How To Purr On A Slate Call:

How To Purr On A Slate Call


Come with three different calls
Each call produces a variety of turkey sounds
Ideal for beginners
Comes with a storage case
Considerably affordable
Slate side is vulnerable to damage
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5. Hunters Specialties HS-STR-06964 Turkey Call Review

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The turkey locator call by Hunters Specialities HS-STR-06964 is a waterproof turkey call made of superior plastic materials for longevity and durability. And that’s one of the great things about this call.

You can go out hunting in the rain without worrying that the rain water will damage the call.

Another great feature is the wide range of turkey sounds it produces. You can produce realistic yelps, cuts and other sounds by blowing through the device.

It is especially great for long-range calling and you can use it in the morning or evening.

Hunters Specialties HS-STR-06964 Review, Pros and Cons

It is easy to use but you need to put in some practice to produce certain sounds.

Main Features

  • Waterproof Turkey Call
  • Raspier Sounding Reed
  • Superior Plastic Material
  • Great for Long Range Calling
  • Proven in the Field
  • Easy to Use & Carry
  • Great for Beginners & Experts
It is weatherproof
It is ideal for long-range calling
Suitable for both beginners and experts
Produces many varying turkey sounds
It is easy to use and carry
It is durable
You have to tune it first to produce turkey sounds
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6. Hunters Specialties 021291070091 – Best Waterproof Box Call Review

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The Hunters Specialties 021291070091 Smokin’ gun turkey box call is made of walnut, which is coated with a special coating to protect it from water damage.

It produces varying clear and raspy yelps. It also produces other turkey sounds like cow calls and bugles.

This call is ideal for short-range calling. And it’s not hard to use.

But if you are a beginner, you may need to do a bit of practice to produce the sounds, which is not difficult or time consuming.

Hunters Specialties H.S. Strut Smokin' Gun Turkey Box Call

Via: @prairiestorm_ks

Main Features

  • All Weather
  • Box & Paddle
  • Made from Select one Piece Walnut
  • Dark Stain Finish
  • Each Side Produces Variety of Clear to Raspy Yelps
Weather resistant
Does not need chalking or sanding
Produces a variety of realistic turkey sounds
Suitable for short-distance calling
Not ideal for long-range calling
Check Price:

7. Primos Hunting 224 Ol’ Betsy – Best Slate Call Review

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This Primos Hunting 224 Ol’ Betsy turkey call is a bit different from the one we have reviewed above. To operate it, you need to use both your hands, which is what makes this call ideal for long-range calling.

Ol’ Betsy comes with a hardwood striker to help you create turkey sounds which range from high-pitched clucks and purrs to soft yelps.

You can also produce predator sounds with this call.

It is easy to use. But if you have never used a slate call before, you will need to do some practice to know how to produce varying sounds.

Main Features

  • For Toughest Situations & Environments
  • For All Types of People
  • Made from Finest Pennsylvania Slate
  • Produces Purest Turkey Sounds
  • Perfect Finishing Call with its Soft Yelps, Clucks & Purrs
  • Includes Conditioning Pad & Hardwood Striker
  • Easiest to Use
  • Most Forgiving Friction Call
Varying range of turkey sounds
Easy to use
Produces realistic sounds
You need both hands to produce sound which can be inconvenient when you suddenly need to take a shot
Check Price:

8. Lynch Since 1940 101F – Best Box Call Review

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The Lynch Since 1940 101F Fool Proof is one of the best box calls available. And it is made of mahogany wood and walnut, which are durable and long-lasting.

The box call is easy to use and it produces authentic hen yelps. And unlike mouth calls, this call is ideal for beginners.

One major setback is the weight of the call.

Most turkey calls are lightweight and that it is to make it easy for the hunter to carry it around during their hunt. But this particular one is a bit heavy and cumbersome.

Lynch Fool Proof Turkey Box Call

Via: @sw0lly

Main Features

  • Easy to Use
  • Offset Pivoting Lid
  • Automatic Lid Stop to Ensure Perfect Notes
  • Solid Straight-Grain Mahogany Base & Walnut Lid
  • For Both Beginners & Experienced Hunters
  • Hand Made in the USA
Made of walnut and hardwood for durability
Produces authentic hen yelps
Easy to use
Ideal for beginners
It is a bit heavy
Check Price:

9. Primos Hunting 1246 Review

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This Primos Hunting 1246 turkey call is a little more costly than other similar products, but it brings a lot to the table.

It is a versatile call that uses premium reeds that are hand cut to produce amazing and authentic raspy yelps, purrs and other turkey sounds.

It is easy to use and it doesn’t take long to master how to produce different sounds.

It is ideal for both long and short-range calling, which makes it great for hunting in any season.

The only setback is the price. Not many novice or expert hunters want to buy an expensive mouth call. But it is worth the investment.

Main Features

  • Hook Hunter Long with Upper Cut
  • Perfect for Raspy Yelps
  • Premium Gauge Reeds
  • Precision Hand Made Cuts
  • Custom Designed by Combining over 100 Years of Experience
  • Real & Unique Pitches
Produces realistic purrs
raspy yelos and other turkey sounds
Ideal for short and long-range calling
Uses premium reeds that are hand cut to produce authentic turkey sounds
Easy to use and master
It is expensive
Check Price:

10. Cass Creek CC041 Review

Check Price

Electronic calls are quite expensive. But you can find some which are more affordable than others. The Cass Creek CC041 electronic call falls in the budget-friendly category.

It has a compact design, which makes it easy to carry.  You can throw it in your trouser pocket and you are good to go. The ergonomic design of the call makes it easy to use.

You only need one hand to operate the device like when you want to change sounds or adjust the volume. It doesn’t have a remote control, but that is not a problem.

The call has 5 pre-installed sounds and it has a speaker that carries the sounds to 200 yards in almost any weather condition.

So this gives you the flexibility to go turkey hunting in any weather condition.

Main Features

  • 5 Pre-Installed Sounds
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Pocket Size
  • EZ Thumb Dial Allows for On/Off Sound
  • Authentic Animal Recordings
  • Simple to Use
Compact design for easy portability
Easy to use and operate
Lightweight and durable
Comes with 5 pre-installed sounds
Produces authentic yelps and purrs
It is prohibited in some States
At high volume some calls become distorted
Check Price:

Buyers Guide

Types of Turkey Call

Box Call

The box call has been used since the 1800s. And it works by moving the lid against the box or tapping the box to produce different sounds. Most box calls are made of wood, so they are not weatherproof.

Box Turkey Call

Via: @rambling_angler_outdoors

Although some modern ones are coated with a special coating to make them water resistant. You need both your hands to produce the desired turkey sound, which can be a problem when you suddenly need to take a shot.

Push-Pull Call

The Push-pull calls like the box calls are mainly made of wood. And it works by pushing and pulling a fixer striker attached to the box to produce varying turkey sounds.

It is dubbed the “idiot box” and this could possibly be because it is the easiest to use. They are also cheaper than most turkey calls.

Pot Call

A pot call is easy to use and it works by rubbing the striker on the pot’s surface to produce sounds. It is not difficult to learn but you need some practice to know how to produce the different sounds.

You need to condition a pot call to be able to produce realistic purrs and yelps. And you can do that using a conditioning stone. The pot has a ceramic surface, so using sandpaper to condition it does not work.

Diaphragm Call

Diaphragm turkey calls are commonly referred to as mouth calls. They are easy to use and they are capable of producing varying animal sound including turkey sounds if you know how to do it.

Diaphragm Turkey Call

Via: @ridgerockerturkeycalls

To produce sounds, you have to place the call on the roof of your mouth and then blow air into it. Not much air is needed for them to produce sound, so you don’t need to blow hard.

They are hard to learn and master, but they are quite effective. Plus they are affordable. If you break one by accident, you can easily afford another one.

Hook Hunter Series:

Hook Hunter Series

Locator Call

The locator call is not used for producing turkey sounds but an owl hoot, crow sound or other animal sound to get a gobbler to respond to the sound. And this is to help the hunter identify the gobbler’s location.

You simply blow through the call to produce the sound and that’s it. Locator calls are great for long-range calling.

Electronic Calls

Electronic calls are the most expensive of all turkey calls. Some are operated using a remote control to change sounds or adjust volumes. They are battery charged and they come with already pre-installed turkey sounds.

One major advantage with electronic calls is that they are capable of producing a large variety of sounds. Some can store up to 300 different turkey sounds.

Another advantage is that they require no training to use. They are compact and portable. And they are quite effective.

Electronic Turkey Calls

Via: @cuchillostorres

A big disadvantage with electronic calls other than the price is that they are prohibited in certain states in the United States. So before you buy one, you need to ensure that you can use it in your state or the state you intend to go turkey hunting.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Turkey Call

Turkey hunting is a fun and thrilling activity, but turkey hunters will also tell you that it is not easy. Without the right tools, you have a ghost of a chance of bagging a gobbler.

So when hunting for a turkey call, here are some key factors you need to consider.

Learning Curve

Every turkey call requires some practice. Even with electronic calls, you need to know how to work the device and the remote control.

For beginners, electronic calls, box calls and push-pull calls are the easiest to learn and use. Many expert turkey hunters use mouth calls, which require practice.

Box Turkey Calls for beginners - Primos Hunting

Via: @hunterboy2007

But if you are not interested in learning how to produce sounds using your mouth or hands, then you have the option of buying an electronic call, although they are quite expensive.


There are certain seasons when turkeys are most abundant. And when you account for wind, snow and other factors, you need to get a call that works well in such a season The same applies for all other seasons. Some calls work better in certain seasons.

Also, there are turkey calls that work better in the morning and others in the evening. So test different calls and see which work best at what day of the time and in which season.


Turkeys can make up to 30 different, which is rather impressive. And what you need to know about them is that they all respond to different sounds differently. This is why it advisable to use more than one turkey call.

Since different calls produce different sounds, you may find the one that gets you the gobbler.

Learn How to Cluck, Purr, and Cut on a Box Call:

Learn How to Cluck, Purr, and Cut on a Box Call

Learn How to Gobble on a Box Call:

Learn How to Gobble on a Box Call

Ask an expert

If you don’t know anything about buying turkey calls, you can go online and do some research. There are websites, blogs, and forums that are dedicated to turkey hunting and turkey gear.

You can go to the forums and get information by posting questions to the communities.

Alternatively, find a local expert turkey hunter and ask them about their experience with different turkey calls. You may also find one online, you just need to know where to look.

Turkey hunting laws and regulations

In some States in the US where people go turkey hunting, there are certain restrictions when it comes to the methods of hunting. In certain states, electronic turkey calls are prohibited.

So if you plan on going turkey hunting in a different state other than the one you reside in, check to see what their laws say about turkey hunting.


If you are thinking of going turkey hunting, but you have never done it before, it’s one of the most exciting and thrilling outdoor activities. And if you intend on bagging a turkey, the easiest way to do it is with the help of a turkey call.

We have reviewed several different turkey calls based on cost and design. We recommend you do more research before you purchase one.

Also, make sure to take into consideration the factors discussed in this article as they can help make an informed decision.

Best Turkey Calls

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