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Buyer’s Guide: Best Electronic Coyote Calls

Best Electronic Coyote CallsCoyote hunting is a tradition that has been practiced for years. Some people see it as a sport, others as a hobby or a fun activity.

In the olden days, to track a predator like a coyote, hunters used dogs and tracked footprints and other signs.

Today, thanks to technology, you don’t need to tracks the droppings or footprints of a coyote to catch it.

Hunters use electronic or mouth coyote calls to catch coyotes. Electronic coyote calls are more popular because they come with fancy features that make coyote hunting easy as pie.

In this review, we shall discuss types of coyote calls, their advantages and disadvantages, and more. But before we discuss what coyote calls are all about, here is our top pick of the best electronic coyote call.

Top pick
Icotec GEN2 GC300

After reviewing many electronic coyote calls and numerous customer reviews, we choose the Icotec GEN2 GC300 because it is easy to use and it has great features and performance that allow even night hunting.

Icotec GEN2 GC300

  • It has a high range remote control
  • High-quality amplified speakers
  • It has a decoy feature
  • It has a pause button
  • Backlight buttons for hunting in the dark

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We’ve tested 3 electronic coyote calls and the winner is above!

Electronic Coyote Calls Comparison Chart


Icotec Gen2 GC300

Icotec GEN2 GC300





Remote Range

300 Yards

> 200 Yards

> 200 Yards

Sound Capacity

12 (Play 2 sounds simultaneously)

200 (Comes with 75)

300 (comes with 100, plus 111 free sounds)

USB Port


USB 2.0 A/B

USB 2.0 A/B

Decoy Port




AUX Port




External Speaker Jack


3.5 mm (1)

3.5 mm (2)

User Reprogrammable




LCD Screen





4 AA Batteries

4 AA Batteries

8 AA batteries


1 Year

3 Year

3 Year


1.64 pounds

1.6 pounds

3 pounds

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3 Best Electronic Coyote Calls (as of December, 2019):

1. Icotec GEN2 GC300 Electronic Coyote Call Review

Icotec GEN2 GC300

  • 300 yard Remote Range
  • Play 2 Sounds at the Same Time
  • Pause Button
  • Decoy Port & Activation Button on Remote
  • Backlit Buttons for Night Hunting
  • Includes 12 calls from Wildlife Technologies

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The Icotec Gen2 GC300 commands a lot of respect because this electronic coyote call is designed for day and night hunting.

Although it doesn’t have a programmable feature, the GC300 comes with 12 professional sounds. It features sounds such as woodpecker, crow, fawn, cottontail and more.

The GC300 can play two sounds simultaneously. This helps draw in the coyote into the kill zone. Playing one sound may not do much to get the attention of a coyote and draw it to the sound, but playing to sounds at the same time might just do the trick.

Icotec Gen2 GC300 Review, Pros and Cons

Its remote control has a range of 300 yards. On the remote, there are buttons that enable you to control sound, volume and the backlights. The backlights were designed for night hunting.

All in all, this product is great for both novice and expert hunters who love the thrill of hunting at night.

Main Features

  • 300 yard remote range
  • Play 2 sounds at the same time
  • Pause button
  • Decoy port and activation button on remote
  • Backlit buttons for night hunting
  • No line-of-sight required to activate the unit
  • External speaker jack for added volume for extreme requirements
  • Includes 12 calls from Wildlife Technologies
  • Unit requires 4 AA batteries, not included
  • Remote requires an A23 battery, not included
  • No AUX port
  • One year factory warranty
  • It can play two sounds simultaneously
  • It is lightweight
  • It is waterproof
  • It has a decoy feature you can activate and deactivate
  • It comes with
  • It has 12 different professional audio calls
  • Long lasting battery life

  • Some preinstalled sounds are not of very good quality

The NEW – ICOtec GEN2 GC300 Introduction:

The NEW – ICOtec GEN2 GC300 Introduction

2. FOXPRO INF1 Electronic Coyote Call Review


  • Stores Up to 200 Sounds in Total (Comes with 75)
  • Inferno Remote Control
  • Large, Easy-to-Read Screen
  • Programmable
  • Integrated USB Port
  • Auxiliary Jack for Linking-Up with a FOXPRO Decoy

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The FOXPRO INF1 performs better than its predecessors due to its advanced sound and volume control features.

This bad boy comes with a state-of-the-art remote control that has a range of 550 yards and is equipped with a screen that shows your list of sounds organized in different categories.

The inferno comes with 75 high-quality sounds and it has a programmable feature allowing to switch calls.

FOXPRO INF1 Review, Pros and Cons

It has a capacity of up to 200 sounds. So you can choose to download extra sounds without erasing the preinstalled sounds.

Main Features

  • Stores up to 200 sounds in total (Comes with 75)
  • Inferno remote control with large, easy-to-read screen
  • Integrated USB port allows you to Connect your caller to a home pc for reprogramming
  • Auxiliary Jack for linking-up with a FOXPRO decoy
  • Made in the USA
  • It is durable
  • it is lightweight, practical, and easy to use
  • The sound quality is excellent
  • It has an impressive remote control range
  • it is affordable
  • It is programmable
  • It is equipped with a USB port

  • Short battery life
  • Requires an additional speaker if you are hunting in harsh weather conditions
  • It is not waterproof

FOXPRO Inferno Product Video:

FOXPRO Inferno Product Video

3. FOXPRO HMRJACK Electronic Coyote Call Review


  • 100 Sounds & 111 FREE Sounds
  • FoxJack 4 Decoy, FoxBang & FoxCast
  • Category Sound Files
  • Dual-Amplified Speaker System
  • 2 External Speaker Jacks & Auxiliary Jack
  • USB port to Reprogram Sounds

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The FOXPRO HMRJACK has definitely set high standards with its impressive features. It has a programmable feature, but what is impressive about this electronic coyote call is its sound capacity.

The unit comes with 211 preinstalled sounds and it can store up to 300 sounds. It also has a decoy feature, two amplified speakers, LCD Screen and it comes with three external jacks.

FOXPRO HMRJACK Review, Pros and Cons

For louder volume, you can add extra speakers if are hunting during harsh weather conditions.

Main Features

  • Comes with 100 sounds, and 111 FREE sounds (300 sound capacity)
  • FoxJack 4 decoy (included)
  • FoxBang
  • FoxCast
  • Category sound files
  • Dual-amplified speaker system
  • 2 external speaker jacks
  • Auxiliary jack
  • USB port to reprogram sounds
  • It has excellent sound quality
  • You can store over 250 sounds
  • It has a large LCD screen
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • It is easy to use

  • It is not waterproof
  • You can’t play two sounds simultaneously

Buyer’s Guide

Electronic Coyote Calls

When deciding to buy a coyote call, you have two options. You can either buy an electronic or mouth coyote call.

Of the two options, if you are a novice at coyote calling, the electronic call would be a more ideal option. This is why? This device is easy to use and it’s equipped with electronics to make coyote calling easy.

An electronic coyote call uses an electronic device to playback sound recordings and it is also equipped with an amplified speaker. Aside from that, an electronic coyote call comes with a remote control, which is used to control the sound.

One thing you should note is that not all electronic coyote calls are similar. Some can store more sounds than others, while others can play two sounds simultaneously.

However, electronic coyote calls that come with many preinstalled sounds and also have the capacity to store more sounds are expensive.

There are some that come with 100 preinstalled sounds and have the capacity to store an extra 200 sounds. Some come with only two sounds and have no capacity to store extra sounds.


Most of the electronic coyote calls come with multiple sounds and you can choose to download your own sounds as well. The sounds vary. Other than having coyote sounds, coyote calls come with other different sounds. These sounds range from animal sounds to distress sounds.

Having a huge variety of sounds improves your chances of catching a coyote. Some coyotes are not dumb, but you can fool them using certain sounds. This is why many electronic coyote calls come with many varying sounds.

Remote controls Electronic Coyote Calls

Another great thing about electronic coyote calls is that they come with remote controls. The remote allows you to control the sounds. There are buttons that enable you to lower, raise or mute the volume, and much more.

The remote control also allows you to control the sounds at a distance. You can place your device in a particular area and then move to a safe area. Coyotes have an incredible sense of smell.

Some hunters say that coyotes can smell prey from 300 yards away. So they advise that you position yourself downwind from where you have placed your device. You caller should be placed upwind. This way, the coyote will not catch you by surprise.


Electronic coyote calls are more expensive than the mouth calls. However, some electronic calls are more expensive than others depending on their sound capacity. Some can store up to 300 sounds, while others can only store less than 10 sounds.

The other drawback is that these devices run on batteries. So unless you have a power bank to charge your device, when once the battery is dead, your coyote hunting adventure is over.

The other problem is that not all electronic coyote calls have buttons to control the volume. This can be a problem when you need to adjust the volume.

Mouth Coyote Calls

Mouth coyote calls are old school. They are small in size and equipped with some special components that help emit the sound you want using your mouth. It’s the same way you blow a whistle expect in this case, the sound that comes out is not a whistling sound but an animal sound.

Mouth Coyote Calls

Probably the biggest advantage mouth coyote calls have over electronic calls is the price. They are much cheaper than their electronic counterparts.


Mouth coyote calls are easy to use. They don’t need extra components to function. You just need your mouth.

With a mouth coyote call, you don’t have to worry about the battery dying because they don’t use batteries. Also, you are the one who controls the volume. How hard or soft you blow determines the loudness or softness of the sound.

Another advantage of mouth coyote calls is that they are waterproof. Additionally, they are easy to carry. You don’t need a bag to put a mouth call, you can put it in your pocket and you are good to go.

FOXPRO Mr. Mouthy Demo:

FOXPRO Mr. Mouthy Demo


One huge advantage electronic coyote calls have over mouth calls is safety. With mouth coyote calls, since you need to make sounds using your mouth, technically, you are attracting the coyote towards you.

Coyotes are stealth animals and they are known to tiptoe. When using this device, you need to position yourself in a place where this beast will not catch by surprise. And this can be tricky.

You would rather surprise the coyote than the other way round. Coyotes are dangerous animals and at no point should you ever underestimate them or become overconfident during a hunt.

Another issue with mouth coyote calls is they don’t have the advantage of having many sounds like the electronic calls. Plus, you need to put in quite a bit of practice to get a sound right. Making the wrong call can hamper your hunting efforts.

Factors to consider when buying coyote calls

Before you go spending your money on an electronic coyote call, make sure to do some research first. If you don’t know anything about them, but you want to try coyote hunting, get to know what types are available and what each has to offer.

Having said that, here are some tips you may find helpful when buying the best electronic coyote calls.


There are mainly two types of coyote calls: electronic and mouth calls. Your choice depends on your level of expertise. If you are an expert hunter and you know how to use a mouth electronic call, go for it. It’s a lot cheaper than the electronic coyote call.

Two types of coyote calls - electronic and mouth calls

But if you a rookie hunter, it’s better to purchase an electronic coyote call because it is easy to use. Plus the only thing you need to control sound is a remote control.


Some electronic coyote calls are more expensive than others. This is because some have more or advanced features than others. Mouth coyote calls are cheaper than the electronic ones. So do some research or get some quotes to get an idea of how much the devices cost.


During bad weather, mouth coyote calls don’t work as well as the electronic ones. So if you decide to buy an electronic coyote call, ensure that it’s one that works well in any weather condition. The unit should be able to emit calls that are audible and consistent despite the weather.

The best way to choose a coyote call based on its performance is by checking out customer reviews. See what people are saying about different coyote calls.

Sound quality

Coyotes are not dumb animals. They can tell the difference between a natural sound and one that is not.  So you need a caller that can produce quality sound in order to lure in a coyote.

Also, it is not about sound quality alone. You need a coyote call that can make many different sounds if you want your hunting efforts to succeed.


You want a device that can withstand damage. This is damage from a coyote or harsh weather. If durability is a factor and in most cases, it usually is, then it would be advisable to get an electronic coyote caller.

Best Electronic Coyote Calls

The electronic units are more durable than the mouth ones.


Mouth coyote calls have very limited features compared to electronic calls. On the other hand, some electronic coyote calls have features other electronic calls don’t have. So check to see what features you think that you may use before buying a caller.

For example, it would make sense to buy an electronic coyote call that has volume controls as opposed to one that doesn’t.

Electronic coyote call has volume controls

Some electronic calls have features that enable you to do night hunting. Others have decoy features, while others have screens.

So when it comes to features, the electronic devices have more to offer than the mouth ones. But if you love simplicity, and want to undertake coyote hunting the old fashion way, then go ahead and buy the mouth coyote call.

The one advantage it has over the electronic unit is that it does not use batteries.


Get a unit that is programmable. This feature enables you to change sounds. Using one type of sound consistently might not be the right approach. Coyotes are smart animals and you need to use different sounds to be able to capture one.

This is not possible with mouth coyote calls; however, you have to learn how to make the sounds in order to modulate different sounds during the hunt.

Frequently asked questions about electronic coyote calls

Are electronic coyote calls expensive?

It depends. Some electronic calls are more expensive than others because they have extra features or a large sound capacity. But when compared to mouth coyote calls, the electronic ones are definitely more expensive.

Which is better, a mouth coyote call or an electronic coyote call?

Many hunters claim that the electronic coyote calls are a better option to the mouth calls. Other than the fact they have more sounds than mouth coyote calls when it comes to safety, they are the better bet.

Another reason why hunters prefer them to mouth coyote calls is that they come with advanced features that make hunting coyote easy. Being able to use a remote control to control sounds and volume at a safe distance is what makes these devices so popular.

Are electronic coyote calls programmable?

Some of them are and others are not. But choosing a programmable device depends entirely on you.

The advantage of getting an electronic coyote call that is programmable is because you can change the sounds quickly during the hunt. So you don’t need to play the same distress call. You can play different ones to draw your prey in.

Do electronic coyote calls come with preinstalled sounds?

Yes, they do. Some electronic devices come with 10 sounds, others have up to 100 sounds. But you can download more sounds if you choose. There are electronic units that can store about 300 sounds.

Can you choose your own sounds?

This depends on where you buy your unit. Some companies can allow you to choose the sounds that you want as long as you pay for them first.

But keep in mind that every electronic coyote call comes with its own number of preinstalled sounds. If you want to download more sounds, you will need to buy them.

How many sounds can store in a unit?

This depends on the sound capacity of the unit. With some units, you can store 100 sounds. Others can store more than 250 sounds.

Best Electronic Coyote Calls

When do you choose your calls?

You choose and download your calls once you have paid for them.

Is it hard to download calls? And do you need to erase old calls in order to install new ones?

It shouldn’t be hard to download calls. Once you pay for them, the seller should direct you on how and where to download them from.

Secondly, with most electronic coyote calls, you don’t need to delete sounds in order to add new ones unless you want to get rid of some sounds.

What kind of batteries do electronic coyote calls use?

Some devices use eight AA batteries and other less. While when it comes to remote controls, some use three AA batteries. You would need to talk to the seller to know what kind of batteries to buy.

Also, not all electronic units come with batteries. So it’s important to also budget for batteries.

What is the average range of a call?

Some electronic coyote calls have a range of 200 yards or less. Others have a range of up to 300 yards.

Can I replace a remote control if mine gets lost?

This depends on where you bought your unit. You’ll need to talk to the seller to find if they can replace a damaged or lost remote control.


Based on our findings Icotec Gen2 GC300 offers value for your money. It is equipped with great features to make your coyote hunting escapade fun, safe, and easy.

The Bottom Line

Coyote hunting may seem like a fun activity, but it’s important to remember that it involves hunting a dangerous predator. Coyotes may be small in size; however, if they attack you, you may suffer severe injuries.

Although coyote attacks on humans are not very common, there have been cases where such attacks have been fatal. So it is important to be cautious during a hunt.

Do overcomplicate things. When you are coyote hunting, you have to be patient. Furthermore, you have to use more than one techniques if you want to better your chances of killing one.

Before you go coyote hunting, make sure that you have the right gear. You cannot go coyote with a backpack, wearing sneakers and shorts. You need to wear accordingly. In addition, make sure you have the right tools.

If you are not an expert at coyote hunting, buying a mouth coyote call may not be a good idea. Stick to an electronic coyote calls because it is fully equipped with features that can make your hunting adventure easy and safe.

Lastly, coyote hunting requires that you carry some type of weapon. Most hunters carry rifles but check that you stick to the hunting regulations in your area. Some states only allow hunters to use certain types of rifles.

Best Electronic Coyote Calls

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