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Best Coyote Calls – Buyer’s Guide

Best Coyote CallsCoyotes are found in North America and they are one of the most hunted predators in the U.S.

They are nocturnal creatures that have a keen sense of smell, sight, and hearing. So they are not easy to catch.

To succeed at bagging a coyote, you need to have hunting skills and the right gear.

Coyotes roam at night searching for food, so that would be the best time to hunt. But in areas devoid of human activities, it is easy to find a coyote hunting during the day.

So when coyote hunting, choosing the time of day to go hunting depends on when they are most active.

But keep in mind that in some states, hunting coyotes at night or during deer season is prohibited. Some states also prohibit certain types of guns and gear.

So if you plan on hunting in a different state other than the one you reside in, find out what are the hunting regulations for coyotes in that state. Don’t go breaking the laws. Be responsible and respectful and follow the rules.

When it comes to what you need for coyote hunting, we recommend a rifle, coyote call, and facemask. Now believe it or not, a coyote is able to pick out a face and that is enough to spook it.

Wearing a facemask makes it harder for a coyote to spot you, plus it protects your face from the cold when hunting at night.

Coyote calls are effective at helping you bag a coyote and many expert hunters use them. There is a wide variety of coyote calls available and many of them are affordable. The tricky part is finding a coyote call that meets your needs and is easy to use.

We have reviewed some of the best coyote calls available in this review. But don’t take a word for it, check to see what users have said about them as well.

Icotec GEN2 GC300
TOP PICK — Icotec GEN2 GC300
The Icotec GEN2 GC300 is a budget electronic coyote call. It is easy to use and it has great features and performance that allow even night hunting.
300 yard Remote Range
Play 2 Sounds Simultaneously
Remote Control
Backlit Buttons
12 Calls From Wildlife Technologies
Tremendous Battery Life
Limited Sounds
Not Programmable
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Coyote Calls Comparison Chart


Icotec GEN2 GC300

FOXPRO SW1 Shockwave

Primos Hunting 3755

FOXPRO DB1 Deadbone

Icotec GEN2 GC500 Programmable

Lucky Duck 21-20017-9 Revolt


Icotec GEN2 GC300

FOXPRO SW1 Shockwave

Primos Hunting 3755

FOXPRO DB1 Deadbone

Icotec GEN2 GC500 Programmable

Lucky Duck 21-20017-9 Revolt

Preloaded Sounds

12 (2 Sounds Simultaneously)

100 (1000 Capacity)

36 (500 Capacity)

15 (2 Sounds Simultaneously)

24 (200 Capacity)

100 (2000 Capacity)


1.64 pounds

3.9 pounds

2.6 pounds

1.6 pounds

2 pounds

4.7 pounds

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6 Best Coyote Calls (as of October, 2023):

1. Icotec GEN2 GC300 Coyote Call Review

Icotec GEN2 GC300
Check Price

Electronic game calls are more expensive than other types of coyote calls, but you can find some that are quite affordable.

The Icotec GEN2 GC300 is one of the affordable ones. It is a budget call that has all the basic features you get from expensive electronic calls.

So if you are looking for an electronic call that has extra features, then this model is not for you. But if you are a newbie, this is a great call to get you started with coyote hunting.

Icotec GEN2 GC300 Review, Pros and Cons

It is simple to use and you don’t need to program it to add coyote calls to its library.

It comes with 12 preinstalled sounds, which are more than adequate to help you catch a coyote. And these sounds include fox distress, jackrabbit distress and coyote female sounds among others.

The call comes with a remote control that is easy to operate and has a range of 300 yards. It also has a 15 watt speaker.

Although it doesn’t have a feature that allows you to add an extra speaker, you’ll find that its speaker is adequately loud to attract a coyote that is 200 or more yards away.

Icotec GEN2 GC300

Via: @icotec

So if you are looking for an electronic call that is inexpensive but reliable, then the GC300 is the perfect call for you.

Main Features

  • 300 yard Remote Range
  • Play 2 Sounds Simultaneously
  • Pause Button
  • Decoy Port & Activation Button on Remote
  • Backlit Buttons for Night Hunting
  • No Line-of-Sight Required to Activate the Unit
  • External Speaker Port
  • 12 Calls From Wildlife Technologies
  • Tripod Mount & Swivel Antenna
  • Bump On Handle For Hanging On Branch
  • Tremendous Battery Life
Comes with 12 preinstalled sounds
Comes with a remote control and a 15 watt speaker
Remote can work up till 300 yards
It is lightweight and reliable
It is budget-friendly
The sounds are limited
You cannot program it to add new sounds to its library
Check Price:

2. FOXPRO SW1 Shockwave Coyote Call Review

FOXPRO SW1 Shockwave
Check Price

The FOXPRO SW1 Shockwave is one of the best electronic calls in the market. The unit has an internal memory of 4GB and it comes with 100 pre installed sounds. What’s more remarkable is that you can program it to add more sounds.

This beast is designed to hold up to 1000 sounds, which is beyond impressive. Not sure anyone needs that many sounds, but one thing is for sure having that many sound options ups your chances of catching a predator with extreme ease.

And with its 4-speaker system, you can call out coyotes that are more than 300 yards away. The speakers are so loud that you don’t need to move around much to get close to your prey. Your prey comes to you.

FOXPRO SW1 Shockwave

Via: @frankietorresbass

So the call is designed to make it extremely easy for novice and expert hunters to hunt coyotes, day or night. And it is operated using the FOXPRO TX1000 remote control, which works well if you are 100 yards or less from where the call is positioned.

But if there are trees or bushes between you and the call, then it can be hard to use the remote. So you need to position yourself at an elevated point or in a place where there are no obstructions.

The call has an interesting feature that you don’t find in many similar products and that is a decoy feature. There is an auxiliary jack where you can place a decoy, which you can control using the remote control.

Note that the call does not come with a decoy, you need to buy it, if you don’t have one.

FOXPRO SW1 Shockwave Review, Pros and Cons

To operate the Shockwave, you need rechargeable batteries, which on average can last up to 7 hours. And this ample time to hunt and bag a coyote.

But how long they last depends on factors like volume and whether you are using all the speakers. If you are, they may last for about 5 hours.

Via: @xtreme_predatorjeff

So this is one call that offers features that you won’t find in many calls if any at all. But these amazing features come at a cost. The Shockwave is expensive.

So if you are not ready to spend hundreds of bucks on a call, then we recommend you look for a more affordable option.

Main Features

  • Fox Motion Mimic Moving Prey by Fading Sound
  • Fox Fusion Mix Match any Two Sounds of Your Choice
  • Fox Pitch Manipulate the “Pitch” of any Sound
  • Fox Bang Automatically Maps Your Caller
  • Four Speaker System
  • 100 Preloaded Sounds
  • Moon Phase Indicators
  • Temp & Barometer Readings
  • 2 Reentrant Horn Speakers & 2 Tweeters
  • 10 AA Batteries
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
Capacity of up to 1000 sounds
Comes with 100 preinstalled sounds
Decoy feature to add a decoy
Remote control with an LCD display screen
Produces high quality sounds
Comes with 4 speakers
Uses recharge batteries that can last up to 7 hours
FOXPITCH feature to help control the pitch of the sounds
Extra FOXPRO features to control the sounds
It is expensive
Large and bulky
Check Price:

3. Primos Hunting 3755 Coyote Caller Review

Primos Hunting 3755
Check Price

The Primos Hunting 3755 Dogg E-caller is an entry-level caller that comes at a great price. It has all the basic features of a typical electronic call, but it’s a call that does a great job at helping hunters catch their predator.

This e-caller comes with 12 different calls programmed by expert hunter, Randy Anderson. And as you would expect, the calls are authentic, you don’t even need any additional calls.

Besides, the call is not programmable so you cannot add extra calls, which is quite unnecessary as well.

The Dogg e-caller comes with one speaker, which is loud enough to catch the attention of a coyote. And you can play 2 sounds concurrently, which is helpful.

The tricky part is knowing the sounds to play and how to play them, but that should not be hard to learn.

The sounds are controlled by a remote control, which has an LCD display screen that displays the menu. It has a range of 150 yards and for it to work, make sure that you are in an elevated position.

Primos Hunting 3755 Review, Pros and Cons

The remote control uses batteries, so does the call. So even though you cannot charge the call, you can use rechargeable batteries.

And you don’t have to worry about changing the batteries after a few hours, the batteries the call uses have a long battery life. We are talking about 60 hours if not more and that is pretty decent.

Main Features

  • Preprogrammed with 36 Sounds & 4 Full Sets of Expert Hunts
  • Holds up to 500 Sounds
  • Turbo Charged 25 Watt Amplifier
  • Rotating “No Distortion” Speaker
  • AudioOutPort & DecoyPort
  • Realtree MAX-1
  • Simple to Use 150 Yard Remote
  • Sound Playlist Menu
  • 1.75″ Full Color LCD
  • User Programmable HOT Button
Comes with 12 different calls
Long battery life
loud speaker
Quality sounds
Remote control with an LCD display screen
Remote range of 150 yards
Can play two sounds concurrently
The connectivity between the call and the remote is limited
Check Price:

4. FOXPRO DB1 Deadbone Review

FOXPRO DB1 Deadbone
Check Price

This American made FOXPRO DB1 Deadbone call is hardwearing, reliable, and inexpensive. Just what any hunter, beginner or expert would want when it comes to an e-caller.

The FOXPRO comes with 15 preinstalled calls and you can play two sounds concurrently.

FOXPRO DB1 Deadbone Review, Pros and Cons

But you it is not programmable, so you cannot add your own calls. But that is not a problem given that the 15 calls are more than enough to help you lure the evasive coyote.

The unit comes with a remote control that comes with basic features like volume and sound controls.

It does not have a display screen because the unit does not come with any fancy features.

It is lightweight and durable and works perfectly well in harsh weather conditions.

Main Features

  • 15 High-Quality FOXPRO Sounds
  • Play 2 Sounds Simultaneously
  • High-Efficiency Horn Speaker
  • Pilot Lamp/Low Battery
  • 4 AA Batteries
  • Made in the USA
15 sound options
Can play 2 sounds concurrently
Ideal for novice hunters
Extremely affordable
Uses rechargeable batteries
Produces authentic coyote calls
It is not programmable
Check Price:

5. Icotec GEN2 GC500 Programmable Review

Icotec GEN2 GC500 Programmable
Check Price

If you prefer an electronic call with a large capacity of sounds, then grab yourself the Icotec GEN2 GC500 Programmable. This call comes with 24 preinstalled calls, and you can program it to add up to 200 calls.

And the sound options are not just for luring coyotes alone, but other predators as well. The unit runs on rechargeable batteries that have a tremendous long life.

Icotec GEN2 GC500 Programmable Review, Pros and Cons

It comes with a remote control that allows you to play two sounds concurrently, control volume, and select sounds.

The remote control has a pilot lamp that blinks when the battery charge is getting low.

Via: @icotec

Main Features

  • No Line-Of-Sight Remote Technology
  • Up to 300 Yard Remote Range
  • 200 Professional Sounds Included
  • Bigger Screen Font
  • Threaded Tripod Mount
  • Save up to 8 Calls in 2 Favorites Screens
  • Pause Call Button & Stand Timer
  • On/Off Button & Screen Light
  • More Durable Swivel Antenna
  • Tremendous Battery Life
Remote range of 300 yards
24 preinstalled calls
Sound capacity of 200 sounds
Long battery life
Loud horn speaker
Not compatible with some Mac versions
Check Price:

6. Lucky Duck 21-20017-9 Revolt Review

Lucky Duck 21-20017-9 Revolt
Check Price

Large and heavy e-callers are hard to carry around, but not the Lucky Duck 21-20017-9 Revolt E-caller. This call is smaller than most standard electronic calls. It has a compact design and it is light in weight.

The Lucky Duck comes with 12 different preinstalled sounds, which you control using a remote control. The call is not programmable, so you cannot add any extra sounds.

Lucky Duck 21-20017-9 Revolt Review, Pros and Cons

The remote control does not have a display screen, but it is easy to use. It does basic things like control volume, and change and mute sounds.

It comes with a motorized decoy, which is great since many e-callers don’t. And when you combine the decoy and the sounds, it makes your hunting easier.

So although it doesn’t offer much when it comes to features, it is a great call that comes at an affordable price.

Lucky Duck 21-20017-9 Revolt

Via: @marcust2315

Main Features

  • Patented Design
  • High Output E-Caller with Ear Piercing Volume
  • Additional Tweeter Speaker
  • Rotational Base that Broadcasts Sounds 360 Degrees
  • Motorized Decoy with Erratic Motion
  • Control an Infinite Number of Callers Using one Remote
  • 4 Channel Remote
  • 100 Preloaded Sounds
  • Holds up to 2,000 Sounds
  • Runs on 10 AA’s & Remote Runs on 3 AA’s (Not Included)
Ideal for beginners
Comes with a decoy
Remote range of 300 yards
Compact and easy to carry around
Comes with a motorized decoy
You cannot add your own calls
The remote control does not come with a display screen
Check Price:

Buyer’s Guide

What Are Electronic Predator Calls and How Do They Work?

There are two types of calls: electronic calls and mouth calls. With mouth calls, you have to blow them to make sounds, while electronic calls come with already preinstalled predator calls which you play using a remote control.

Since e-callers are electronic devices, they rely on batteries to work. As for mouth calls, no batteries are needed to produce sounds, which is one of the main advantages they have over e-callers.

Two types of calls - electronic calls and mouth calls

But electronic callers offer more advantages because they are easy to use, they are capable of storing over 100 different sounds, and can play two different sounds concurrently.

They also come with advanced features to make hunting adventure easy and fun.

How to Choose A Coyote Call?

How Many Sounds

The number of sounds does not really matter when buying a coyote call. It all depends on your level of expertise.

Many expert hunters prefer to use mouth calls which can only produce a few sounds unlike an electronic call, which can produce numerous different sounds. So it all depends on your preference and expertise level as a hunter.

How to Choose A Coyote Call

If you are a newbie, you can choose to buy an e-caller because it produces more sounds than a mouth caller and it’s easier to use but you have to be ready to pay more for it.


Mouth calls are lighter than electronic calls, so they are easier to carry around. But you can find e-callers that are lightweight particularly those that only have basic features. But it all depends on you.

Electronic calls might be large and heavy, but the trade off is that they come with many useful and advanced features. And they are much easier to use and more durable than mouth calls.

Range (from 100 to 300 yard)

E-callers come equipped with speakers. So when you play sounds, they are carried at a much wider and longer range than those produced by a mouth call.

You can get e-callers that can produce sounds that can be heard from 300 yards away. But with mouth calls, this range is much shorter. So it depends on whether you intend on shooting your target at close range or at long range.

Programmable or Not?

Some electronic calls are programmable, and others are not. Those that are not programmable come with a specific number of preinstalled calls

Those that are programmable come with an internal memory to hold an extra number of calls and a host of advanced features to help you control the sounds.

Icotec GEN2 GC500 Programmable

Via: @icotec

While programmable calls have many sound options, they are more expensive and they are not easy to use. You have to figure out how to control the sounds when playing more than one sound. You have to go through a large list of sounds to pick the one you want.

So they can be a bit tricky to use. Which one you choose depends on you.

ICOtec GC500 Information Video:

Single or Multi-Speaker?

Single speaker calls don’t give out a wide range compared to multi-speakers. So if you are hoping to get the attention of a coyote that is far away, you are not going to do that with a single speaker.

But on the flip side, although callers with multi-speakers can carry sounds at long distances, they are also more expensive. So deciding on which one to buy depends on your budget.


If you can afford to buy an expensive call, as long as it has a lot of positive user feedback, then go for it. Nothing wrong with getting the best. But you can find calls that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Mouth calls particularly are quite cheap, although you need to practice to know how to produce sounds.

Electronic calls are more expensive, but easy to use. So when deciding on a mouth call depends on how much cash you are willing to fork out or what you can afford.

The Remote Control (with display or no)

A remote control that comes with a display screen is more advantageous than one that does not. It shows you a list of features and sounds and it is ideal when you need to go night hunting.

Remote Control with display or no

Remote controls that don’t have display screens have simple to use features. You won’t spend time perusing through a large list of sounds to pick out the ones you need. So they are less time wasting.

Remote Control with display

Via: @rj_perkins2

The Durability

If you want a call that is resistant to damage, we recommend getting an electronic call. They are far much more durable than mouth calls.

Also, some are weather resistant, so if you plan on going hunting in the rain or snow, check to see that they can withstand such conditions.

Best Coyote Calls are weather resistant


Whether a call is cheap or expensive, quality is always everything especially when it comes to devices. It should be at the top of your priority list when hunting for a call.

And how do you know whether a call is of superior quality? Check to see what users and expert hunters say about it.

Battery Power

Electronic calls run on batteries. And the battery life depends on a call’s features. Calls that have basic features don’t use much battery charge. So they can last for many hours.

But those that come with advanced features tend to consume a lot more battery charge. And for that reason, their batteries can only run for a few hours.

It is advisable to always carry an extra pair of batteries especially if you are using a high-end caller.

Weather Resistance

Being able to hunt in any weather condition is great, but you also need a call that is weather resistant. So check to see if the call can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Coyote Call is weather resistant

Via: @alberta_coyote_hunter

Should I use an electronic or a regular call?

It all depends on you. Expert hunters prefer regular calls or mouth calls. Newbies are more drawn to electronic calls because they are easy to use. But keep in mind that both types don’t cost the same. Electronic calls are quite expensive.

Which Coyote Call is Right for Me?

You can choose to get a mouth coyote call or an electronic coyote call. If you are a beginner, you can choose to get either. It all depends on what you can afford.

How to Get the Best Use of Your Coyote Call

To get the best use of your coyote call, first make sure it is in pristine condition and it is working. Then make sure that you are playing the right sounds. You might want to start by playing distress sounds as coyotes are attracted to such sounds.

The idea is to get the coyote close enough to get an accurate shot. If you are using an electronic call, you might want to lower the volume as the coyote comes close. Because once it sports the call and realizes it is not an animal in distress, it will take off.

How far can a predator hear the sounds?

If you are using an electronic call to call a coyote, if it is 200 or 300 yards away, it can hear the sound clearly.

Best Coyote Calls

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